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Woodly 01-26-2018 03:33 PM

'Mac' Bushey, Vermontville
Mac ran the store and gas station in Vermontville on Rte 3. He was always helping people and often wouldn't take a dime and this wasn't just with labor but this was often with his backhoe, digging cellars, digging outhouse holes, clearing roots and rocks out of driveways and even doing snow removal and there is plenty of snow up that way.
I think his real name was Robert, was it? And I believe his wife died early in a car wreck??
I've been told his safe was full of bills he wrote and never sent out and I know for a fact he often wouldn't take money for a job he did, rather he'd say, 'Catch me when I need it'...or similar. He liked helping newly weds get a start.
Anyone remember him?
I hope he isn't forgotten. He was a good guy.

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