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Canoe Repair Shop 02-23-2018 01:17 AM

Mad River Royalex Explorer 16'
Gloversville, New York
For sale: Mad River Canoe, 16’ Royalex

This is a serious downriver canoe that appears to have been a predecessor of the famous Mad River Explorer model. The high volume, shallow V hull is made of Royalex. The paddlesports industry relied on Royalex exclusively for years for the best downriver canoes for stiffness and toughness, then Royalex became unavailable to the industry around 2014. Canoe manufacturers are still experimenting with suitable replacements. Today’s entry-level polyurethane hulls are soft and not as abrasion resistant.

The canoe has the same dimensions of the classic Mad River Explorer. It’s either a 1990’s predecessor of the Explorer or possibly an Explorer that’s lost its labeling. There is a serial number on the boat, written in permanent marker and difficult to read. Outside Magazine in 1999 called the Explorer “the world’s best-selling specialty canoe inspiring an entire industry of imitators.” The retail price for a Royalex Explorer with wood trim in 1999 was $1369.00. Today, similar 16’ boats with wood trim in the Wenonah Canoe line are going for $1600.00 and up.

The gunwales were replaced in 2017 with new ” x 1” tall outwales and inwales. The original factory gunwales were made of Northern Vermont White Ash; they were severely rotted. The new gunwales are Southern Yellow Pine, the hardest of the pine family, absolutely knot-free. Yellow Pine was used to keep the cost of restoration as low as possible while providing hull stiffness, nice grain, and longevity. The cost and availability of White Ash in 16’ lengths would have added $300. The rest of the White Ash trim, like the seats and center thwart, is original and has been sanded and given three coats of Watco Danish Oil in medium walnut, a canoe industry wood preservative. All fasteners are stainless steel. There is hardly a scratch on the inside or outside of the hull. There is no portage yoke because the boat is not your best option for lake-tripping. Ultra light Kevlar canoes are made for that. This canoe is a hard-driving downriver boat, for day trips or expeditions. Wear your PFD!

Price: $725.00

Length 16’-0”
Rocker: Slight (in Mad River’s terms)
Bow: 22”
Center: 14-1/2”
Stern: 22”
Gunwale: 36-1/2”
4” Waterline: 34-1/2”
Maximum: 36”
Royalex: 69lb.


fishcane 02-24-2018 08:10 AM

prob wanna move this listing here:

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