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Makwa 09-01-2016 01:53 PM

Grave of Lewis Elijah Benedict?
I came across this reference while looking up the grave of Ruben Rist (1st settler of Indian Lake)...

"Gravesite of Lewis Elijah Benedict - A son of the Indian Sabael [1797-1860], aka Lazare Panadis. Grave marked by a tear-shaped rock with a hole in its center. It is located west of the Ranger's home at Durant Lake."

Is anybody familiar with the campground at Lake Durant? Am I safe to assume this grave site is near the caretaker's cabin a few hundred yards inside the entrance at the eastern edge of the lake? I have never been there and am looking at a basic map of the campground.

Better yet... has anybody visited this site?

Makwa 09-09-2016 10:36 AM

For anybody interested it was Lewis Elijah Benedict who in 1826 led David Henderson to the vein of iron ore that would eventually be mined at Upper Works/ McIntyre Mine. He was also was the son of Penobscot Indian Sabael (Benedict), first settler of Hamilton County, and for whom the Hamlet of Sabael and Indian Lake are named for.

I ended up finding the grave this past weekend. I pulled in the main drive of the Lake Durant campground and was directed to park near the boat launch (red arrow on the pic below) by the woman working the gate. From there I walked over the bridge to the right of the boat launch, down the wide trail for a few hundred yards until I arrived at the clearing, then doubled back around the trees and headed toward the Ranger's residence. The stone grave marker was right there (white arrow) in the small area between the trees. If you get to the driveway or back yard of the residence you've gone too far. I suppose you could walk in down the trail from the pull-off on Rte 28 and it would be a bit easier.

I also stopped at the grave of Reuben Rist. You may have seen the sign marking the grave as you're driving on Rte 28. The grave site is just up the hill from the sign. There's a clear path that leads right to it. It's right at the edge of somebody's back yard in the woods.

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