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tmount 02-11-2017 04:54 PM

Jackrabbit: Mountain Rd to Rock and RIver segment
I read 2 snowmobiles went on the Jackrabbit, starting at Mountain Rd. I know there has been a legal battle for years whether or not that segment is wilderness. Any updates?
I didn't realize you could bike parts of the Jackrabbit, certainly from Lake Placid to 73. If it's ok for snowmobiles on the Mountain Rd portion, are bikes ok?
BTW, I've skied various parts of the Jackrabbit 5 times this season and it's in great shape!

tgoodwin 02-11-2017 05:58 PM

First of all, Wednesday's thaw melted the ruts somewhat, and we've had snow since, so the Old Mt. Road is fully skiable again.

I won't try to review the entire legal battle, but the McCulley case ended with a judge declaring it still a town road. Just before he left office, DEC Commissioner Joe Martens, used his power to declare the road abandoned and therefore wilderness area. Subsequently, the town of North Elba and Jim McCulley challenged that action by Joe Martens, but the court has yet to rule on that case.

At the same time that the first judge ruled it was a town road, the Towns of North Elba and Keene said that there should be no motorized traffic on the road, and Jim McCulley said he would abide by that restriction because it was a "local decision". The battle has thus become a matter of principle rather than actual use, but to one degree or another both towns have expressed the desire to retain that right of way just in case it is ever needed again.

Clearly a confusing situation that may or may not become clear with the next court ruling. In the meantime, this is the first time in five years that snowmobiles have gone on the road, so it's not a frequent problem.

tmount 02-11-2017 06:02 PM

Thanks, Tony.

tmount 02-12-2017 07:58 AM


tgoodwin 02-12-2017 10:17 AM

As long as it is still considered to be a town road, bicycles would be legal on the Old Mt. Road. However, there are enough beaver ponds currently in the way with difficult bushwhacks (especially carrying a bicycle) that I wouldn't recommend it. Jackrabbit Trail is good for bicycles from Lake Placid as far as Craig Wood Golf Course, but beyond there to Cascade Ski Center has a wet area that is really only good when frozen. Heading toward Saranac Lake, the Peninsula section is rideable, but beyond that it is designated wilderness and off-limits to bikes.

tmount 02-12-2017 01:07 PM

Thanks again!

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