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adkjack 04-17-2013 08:31 PM

2013 Grant Recipients
Pictured above are from left to right, members of SARNAK, Scott Tooker, Steve Sonnenberg, and Frank Schmidt; Jack Coleman (ADKJack) ADKhighpeaks Foundation; Julia Goren (SummitADK)ADK Summit Steward Program; Cynda Lamb (WannabeAlJr), Geoff Day (Kyler) ADKHighpeaks Foundation.

The generosity of forum and foundation members was again truly amazing:tup:

Through this totally grassroots effort enough money was raised for the Foundation to present grants totaling $8,660. It was also the first time in the five year history of the Foundation that we could offer multiple gifts in the same year. Amazing!

Most people on the forums are aware that this is our third year supporting the ADK Summit Steward Program. A grant was made in the amount of $5,460 to cover the salary of a full time seasonal summit steward which enables the program to station a person on Cascade Mountain on a regular basis.

The main focus of the Summit Steward Program is to protect the fragile alpine vegetation found on several of the high peaks. This is accomplished through education, research and trail work. Please take a few minutes to read the End of Season report 2012 to see what an incredible program this is and the amount of people the stewards have connected with to complete their mission. Also donít be surprised if you run into some fellow forum members on a summit this year. Six of us attended the training to be volunteer summit stewards.

Many read here and elsewhere about the tragic accident that happened this winter on the Nippletop slide. A extensive collaboration of the DEC Rangers, SARNAK and other organizations worked diligently in saving the life of a hiker who had taken a near grave fall on that winter day. It was with that herculean effort in mind the board members felt that if possible we would like to give back to those dedicated group of people who have our backs in the backcountry. SARNAK had submitted a request to help offset the cost of the mandatory training, upgrade of radio equipment, replace some gear and help cover rising insurance cost. We were able to fill the request for $3,200.

We set a very aggressive fundraising goal for our annual Winter Gathering event. We asked people to consider donating $100 a peak if they could. When all was said and done over $4,800 was raised and we were successful in getting atop all 46 safely for a second consecutive year.

Speaking for all the board members we are astonished by your generosity and proud to serve this extraordinary community.
Thank You,
Tim, Neil, Scott, Jack, Geoff and Cynda

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