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Hobbitling 01-25-2009 03:38 PM

katadyn hiker pro check valve
I was at EMS yesterday, and there was a Katadyn Hiker Pro filter that had been returned and was being sold "as is" for $25. I bought it, knowing that it may not work properly, but willing to give it a try.

the quick connect intake thingy had broken off, so I took it home, and epoxied the tube connector back on. That went fine.

The problem is, I think the check valve is busted, because when I pump, the water gets sucked in the intake, and then just goes straight back out the intake tube. nothing comes out the output tube. pumping is smooth and easy. Rinsing does no good, so it's not a sediment issue. The filter looks brand new.

So my question to you fine people is how do I repair this, or rig up something to make it work.

It doesn't look like the check valve will come out, since it appears to be molded into the housing. So fixing that seems unlikely
I was thinking I could put an in-line check valve on the intake line. that should prevent water from exiting via the intake, and force it through the filter, right?

Now where would I get a small plastic check valve compatible with 1/4 inch tubing?

Hobbitling 01-25-2009 05:05 PM

Well, problem solved. I got a little check valve from an aquarium supply store ($3), cut the intake hose and installed the valve in-line with the intake hose.

it was this valve. It's probably available at any aquarium store.

I have to pump a little slower than normal to keep the check valve from locking, and I'll need some wire ties to keep it in place, but it works like a charm. Nice clean water, for $28 including repairs.
Although a valve with a somewhat stiffer spring might have been better, or possibly a ball or duckbill type valve which doesn't limit flow at all in one direction. This one is actually designed for air hoses, and closes if too much pressure flows through, even in the proper direction. And the fitting is a bit small for this tubing, a slightly larger barb would be better, but plastic wire ties seem to have solved that problem. But at least it's a good first effort, and it proves these things can be fixed.

I'll probably keep an extra valve in my filter maintenance kit along with silicone lubricant and o rings from now on.

aft paddle 01-25-2009 10:43 PM

First DSettahr, now this guy. Are there more? You bet.

Hobbitling 01-26-2009 10:27 AM

I probably should have just googled it first.
well, if anyone else has a busted water filter, maybe this will help. Because now when I google "katadyn hiker pro check valve" I get this forum as the first hit.

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