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Lonehiker 06-17-2019 06:43 AM

Otter Lake Herd Path SMWF
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Years ago, I read somewhere that a herd path ran down to Otter Lake from the North Trail on Kane Mountain. I finally found a herd path. In the photo there are two trees. Behind these two trees is a faint herd path. It leads down to Otter Lake. The track is faint, and hard to follow, but I promise it’s there. There has been recent blow down obscuring it. When you walk between these two trees like a gateway there will be a faint track leading down. There is a recent fallen tree that is blocking it. You must go to the other side of the tree to regain the track. The track leads down to a cluster of boulders. To the right of the boulders is a tree stump with a long rod attached to it. After the boulders, you must relocate the path. It leads down, close to the lake, and turns left to reach the eastern shore.

The herd path entrance is located on the Green Lake - Pine Like corridor section of the North trail, before the junction leading to the tower. Starting from the parking area, the North trail climbs up the slope a little and then dips down to the Kane Mountain Junction. The two trees are located just before the high point of the corridor and after the muddy area on a more level section of the trail. There is another pair of trees that are similar further up. This is the first pair after the muddy section. I have been repeatedly relocating the path and it's features to make sure I could find it and prove it's not an illusion. I can see and follow it, but it is faint. I found it by accident while bushwhacking down to the Lake.

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