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2505 09-23-2018 06:35 PM

Henderson Lake 9/22
Had always wanted to paddle Henderson, a place my folks had visited with their Hornbecks. With my mom's passing, I thought it appropriate to take one of the boats up for a lap around the lake in their honor. Right decision.

Day started cloudy and sprinkling in Lake Pleasant, where I was based, but I looked at the forecast and the old adage of "rain before 7, quit before 11" looked like it was going to be again true.

Long Lake pit stop brought still cloudy skies and drizzle, so I started to get concerned. As I drove by the overlook in Newcomb, though, my hopes were confirmed: blue sky, lifting clouds, no rain.

Hit the Calamity trail for the quick jaunt to the dam with Hornbeck over my shoulder. The arm westbound was calm, but then when I passed the point, the full force of a pretty solid NW wind hit me. I ferried across to the W shore, ducking in and out of the many coves to rest as the panorama unfolded. And what a panorama it is... "McNaughty" takes center stage, only to be upstaged by the cliffs of Wallface, which are spectacular. The southern Macs then come into view, with the SW to NE "gunsight" along the shoulder of Marshall becoming more prominent as you paddle north.

Explored the Henderson leanto- have to make a return trip and camp there- what a spot. The babbling brook next to it was really pretty and would surely be a great lullaby. Ate lunch on the beach below the leanto before continuing the trip around. The eastern shore is like the western: cliffs dropping out of sight into the depths, with cedars cascading off of them and hanging over the water.

I snuck back to the west shore opposite the arm that leads to the dam so I caould climb up a huge rock to get some final pics. The view was from McNaughton to Colden, and then to North River Range. Also was entertained by a loon doing its thing...

After 3 hours I was back at the dam, still in full sunshine. Took a short trek on the well-signed trail that wanders through the ruins of Adirondac- very nice addition.

All in all a wonderful day. Got me thinking of creating a "46rs" for paddlers: Create a list of HP public-access lakes and ponds that require carrying in. Henderson, Preston Ponds, Avalanche, Colden, Flowed Lands, Boreas, Giant's Washbowl, Wallface Ponds, Bradley Pond, and of course, Lost Pond (from which the Hornbeck model I paddled gets its name), to name a few on my list for starters. Lake Tear and Mary Louise might also be considered, but they would be rugged... Now have done 2 of them!

And, on a beautiful Saturday in September, I saw no one on the lake, heard voices (from the water) of people along the trail near IPB, and encountered a few folks wandering around the dam. Pretty much had the place to myself, which was what I needed...

stripperguy 09-23-2018 07:57 PM

Sounds like it was an excellent choice...where's the pics??
Oh, and you left one off your list, Muck Hole, formerly known as Duck Hole!

2505 09-25-2018 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by stripperguy (Post 270558)
Sounds like it was an excellent choice...where's the pics??
Oh, and you left one off your list, Muck Hole, formerly known as Duck Hole!

Is there still enough to paddle in at DH?

Will see if I can figure out how to post pics. Can you send me to a link for how to upload from a Mac? I do not have a cloud storage link, just would be from the machine.

stripperguy 09-25-2018 09:28 AM

Muck Hole is about 1/3 of the pre Irene size, still enough to paddle and some of the Cold River headwaters are navigable too, at least as far as the broken dam.

Easiest photo posting is from 3rd party hosts like Google Photos, Flickr, and the like. Generally free hosting, but avoid the ransom seeking PhotoBucket...

Cold River Bob 09-30-2018 06:37 AM

J was in there a couple weeks ago , The stream that you go threw from lower to Dh was just about dry. We canoed to almost to the dam, This is the first time an the last time I've seen it since the dam went. I'm clade I got to see an paddle it when it was at it's best. I've done the trip nine times. I might go to Upper an Lower Preston but not Duckhole

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