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jmitch 08-03-2017 01:59 PM

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, PEI Roadtrip

Back in June we went on a roadtrip to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.* It was an awesome trip with some incredibly beautiful places.* Cape Breton was especially stunning, a place that should be on anyone's list.* It is truly amazing how gorgeous the Atlantic coast can be.* The sunny weather surely helped.

Highlights were Fundy National Park with its moss gorges and waterfalls, it looked like the pacific northwest.* I loved the Acadian forests, with the spruce, pine, and hemlock.* Hopewell Rocks are a must with incredible rock formations carved by the world's highest tides.* It is hard to fathom the scope of these tides- 40 feet high and they go out for miles, leaving vast mud plains, and the bay becomes the color of chocolate milk.

Next was Nova Scotia and it is as gorgeous as everyone says it is.* We went off the beaten track to two provincial parks-* Cape Chignecto and Five Islands.* I highly recommend both and the drive between them was beautiful.* Hard to believe it isn't more famous.* Chignecto in particular impressed me with its rugged coast, rock formations, red cliffs and beaches, isolation, and a 30ish mile backpacking loop.* Go there.

Cape Breton was next and it is one of my favorite places.* We saw cars from across the US and Canada.* The combination of alpine mountains, canyons, rugged coasts, waterfalls, beaches, lakes, and pristine water made this a place I'll never forget.* Cape Breton Highlands Natl Park and the Cabot Trail were awesome.* We made the trek to isolated Meat Cove, a place I'd like to return with mountain scenery and a wealth of little known, high quality trails.* We drove to the Skyline Trail, while famous it is worth every step with breathtaking views from alpine ridges.* Cape Breton is a special place that you need to experience, the towns were clean, people were friendly. * The coastal scenery rivaled what I've seen on the Pacific coast.

Next was Prince Edward Island.* Very pretty, rolling farmlands with red soil, lots of shops, b&bs, Green Gables references, quaint.* We saw the national park with its red bluffs and beaches, but we did not stay long.* PEI is not really and outdoors destination, more of a tourist place, but still worth the stop.*

If you're looking for a different vacation destination, go to the Canadian Maritimes. *

kwc 08-03-2017 04:19 PM

We visited Cape Breton a few years ago & loved it. It was early September and just about every tourist had disappeared, except us. One thing that we found was that the ocean water is warm ... we found a nice secluded beach & we expected water temperatures like those in downeast Maine ... boy, were we wrong.

We went through NB and onto PEI last September ... had a great time. No serious hiking but we did wander about on some of the beaches.

One thing about PEI is the biking opportunity if you want to travel on the Confederation Trail from one end of the island to the other. Or short trips along the way.

Thanks for sharing your photos ... :)

Boreal Fox 08-11-2017 11:00 AM

That looks like a mesmerizing experience! It appears that the Atlantic Northeast is the closest environment comparable to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If the climate keeps warming up, I envision it may become more of the PNW temperate rainforest type of climate and become a very popular place to live in a few decades. I was going to take a week-long trip to NS, NB, and PEI this summer but am visiting the PNW instead but will be taking your recommendations down and hopefully making the trip up there next year

When you said the north coast of Nova Scotia has the warmest waters north of Virginia, is that really true? I can see how the Gulf Stream could do that but do you know what the temperature was as a point of reference? Being down the NJ shore last weekend the waters were quite warm

jmitch 08-18-2017 01:32 PM

The water is that warm because the shallow St. Lawrence Gulf warms up and it is more protected from the deeper and colder Atlantic.

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