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Jsullivan524 02-25-2017 09:00 PM

If you carry it in, Carry it out
I sent letter to the editor at the Post Star.I would like to share it with everyone on here.

Morgan Duke Conservation Society is trying to raise awareness in the Hudson River Special Management Area in Lake Luzerne. Some people know it as Buttermilk or the bear slides. Over the years we have seen some people leave their soda bottles, coffee cups, and other trash in parking lots and on the beach in the middle of the Hudson River. We would like to remind people to please carry out what they have brought in with them and to always bring a reusable bag when they visit or hike in the HRSMA.

We are also raising awareness about graffiti. The HRSMA is a beautiful place with many rocks and trees that make this place beautiful. Of particular interest is a section in the HRSMA that has an outcrop of rocks on the left side. Sadly, over the past several years, people have entered the park and spray painted rocks and trees – one visitor spray painted a smiley face in orange paint on a tree across from campsite 5.

Spray painting rocks can harm the environment, including habitats for rock and cliff dwellers such as foxes, birds, bugs and bats. What’s more, when people spray paint on rocks and on trees, it ruins the natural beauty of the forest; graffiti doesn’t belong in the forest or anywhere. Spray painting on trees is also harmful to the environment because trees give oxygen to the community, provide medicine, and give shelter to wildlife. By spray painting trees, visitors are harming the oxygen system and wildlife habitat. We do not want our children and grandchildren to visit this area and see the harmful graffiti that disrespectful visitors have left behind in the forest.

James Sullivan, president, Morgan Duke Conservation Society, Walden

Tick Magnet 02-25-2017 09:21 PM

We're with you James!

That's a beautiful area and I hate to see it abused.

Education is the key, but as a Forest Ranger once told me, "You can't cure stupid".

Keep up the good work! :thumbs:

IndLk_Brett 02-25-2017 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by Jsullivan524 (Post 256382)
one visitor spray painted a smiley face in orange paint on a tree across from campsite 5.

I seem to recall someone on here posting a picture of the orange smiley face awhile back. Or one of a similar nature anyway as I believe it was said that there were a few of them making appearances around the Park by the hand of some ignorant vandal/s.

It's unfortunate. Hopefully your letter and efforts will help to promote a bit more awareness, but sadly as TM stated - "You can't cure stupid".

Jsullivan524 02-25-2017 11:15 PM

Hopefully my letter will educate many peolpe. I made flyer reminding peolpe if they carry it in, carry it out and also remind peolpe Graffiti doesn't belong in the natural environment. I post them to the community boards at supermarkets.

I did post a picture of the tree on here while back.

Jsullivan524 02-25-2017 11:19 PM

Hudson River Special Management area is beautiful area. My volunteers will be going to HRSMA in the early spring to do some spring clean up, picking up litter.

IndLk_Brett 02-25-2017 11:20 PM

Yes, thank you. That must have been what I was remembering.

And a bigger 'thank you' to you and your volunteers.

skillzman1 02-26-2017 11:01 AM

The area has been abused for many years due to it's ease of access. For many years my family didn't frequent the area for that very reason. The endless run of old school buses dropping off rafting/tubing customers doesn't help. Trying to navigate that road during summer with buses blocking the road and people all over the place is a royal pain. Not to say that they are the culprits of littering, but perhaps their heavy use of the road multiple times every day should be monitored.
Being that there are free camping spots in the area, more attention should be paid to those overstaying their welcome. I mountain bike weekly in that area during the summer months and have seen the same vehicles in the same camp site for weeks on end. It's not a hard place to access, it shouldn't be hard for a regular patrol.
I've lived in the area my entire life and that place has always been a local party spot, clowns doing donuts in the dirt parking lots and turn arounds, graffitti, trash, illegal atv use, seems more attention would be drawn to it by the authorities.
Most definately it is good to see/hear that somebody is putting an effort into the education and hopeful improvement of the area. Thank you for the effort!

Justin 02-26-2017 11:42 AM

Thank you for your efforts James, keep up the good work! :thumbs:

dundee 02-26-2017 04:16 PM


Originally Posted by Jsullivan524 (Post 256394)
Hudson River Special Management area is beautiful area. My volunteers will be going to HRSMA in the early spring to do some spring clean up, picking up litter.

Please let us know when this will happen, I'd like to help out. and thanks for all your work.

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