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madison 06-21-2017 03:43 PM

Round Lake questions
Hey All,

In a couple of weeks myself and 3 others will be headed up to do a 5 day trip on Round Lake and Little Tupper, and I was hoping to pick the collective brain a bit.

The plan is to start with a couple of days on Round Lake, as none of us have been there before, and then head over to Little Tupper for a couple more days, with a day trip to Rock Pond.

My questions are concerning Round Lake. I've heard that there is a hiking trail that follows Round Lake Stream/Bog River for a ways, but I don't see it on either of my maps (Paddler's Map, Nat'l Geo #745). The only trails I see are one on the western side that eventually runs into Sabattis Rd to the south, and what looks like a network of old roads on the eastern side that run onto private land. Nothing near Round Lake Stream, but a couple of people have told me that they hiked a path along this stream. Does anyone know if this rumored trail exists? Also, any idea how far one can paddle up the stream before running into rapids or other obstructions?

Another question regarding the bass that aren't supposed to be there: I've been told they are prolific on Little Tupper, to the point where one has to try hard not to catch them. Is the same true of Round Lake and Rock Pond?

One last question regarding the Round Lake campsites: From what I've heard and read, the general consensus seems to be that the sites on the east side are great and the west side ones not so much. Would those of you who have been there agree? And any particularly good sites we should shoot for?

Thanks in advance for any knowledge shared.

Justin 06-21-2017 05:00 PM

I camped at Round Lake a couple years ago.
There is indeed a trail along Round Lake stream, which can be used to reach Winding Falls, however, I didn't follow it all. It begins on the right side of the old dam, where the rapids begin. From what I've read, you can carry your canoe along the trail past the rapids & flumes for a little over a mile to flat water again.
I floated around & fished for a while but didn't catch anything.
Most of the campsites on the east shore were all already occupied when I arrived early on that Friday morning of 4th of July weekend, so I can't reallly comment on those sites but...
Site 1 was open & looked nice, but I opted to press on since it was early.
Sites 2-5 were taken.
Site 6 was overgrown with weeds & obviously didn't get much use.
Site 7 was very muddy & very unappealing IIRC.
Site 8 was ok but a bit far off the lake & uphill.
Site 9 was pretty nice, but also a bit muddy. Another old road leads out the back of this campsite, which I did walk for a liitle while just get out of the canoe & stretch the legs a bit.
I ended up camping at Site 10 which was nice, but it's also off the water a bit & up a short rise.
Site 11 was pretty nice also.
The other thing I remember about that trip was the wind was mostly calm that first day & evening, and I had a hard time escaping the constant noise from the generator at Whitney Headquarters.
Here's a link to the DEC map.
Hope this helps some, I'm sure other folks will chime in as well.

stripperguy 06-21-2017 08:29 PM

My gang also camped there, but in early May of 2012. We stayed on site #4 or 5, both are close together, both were open and large.
We paddled Round Lake Stream as much as we could, then carried around the rapids on a slightly used path, not a marked and maintained trail, IIRC.

I posted a trip report here

Also have many photos here

I don't fish, but it seems to me that since Round and Little Tuppers lakes are connected, there wouldn't be much difference in fish population.

There is a multitude of old roads to the E and N of Round, but there is also a bunch of private holdings, not sure if there is a public, easy way on foot from Round Lake to wherever it is you're looking to go.

And if I were to compare Round and Little Tupper lakes, Round Lake would come in 3rd!!
LTL is waaaay nicer (IMHO) and Rock Pond is nicer yet.
If you're looking to explore the stream, upstream travel on Round Lake Stream will be a workout. Upstream on the Bog from the falls to the confluence with Round Lake Stream is a nice trip up and an easy float back down.

Buckladd 06-21-2017 09:12 PM

I paddled Round Lake when it first opened to the public, which had to be six or seven years ago now. I fished for brook trout with no luck and didn't catch any bass. My wife and I picnicked at an awesome campsite near the dam on the north end and I'd camp there in a heartbeat. The highlight of our trip was a small bear swimming across the channel that connects Round Lake and Little Tupper. There should be plenty of roads and trails in there as that property used to be a hunting lease owned by a timber company.

madison 06-22-2017 03:36 PM

Thanks for info, everyone!

I've been to Little Tupper and Rock Pond a few times, and they both rank among my favorite places to paddle and camp. My two reasons for wanting to include Round in this trip- First, I've never been there, and I'm always eager to check out new places. And second, we're coming from the Ithaca area, which is about a 5 hour drive, and knowing our group as I do I know we're not leaving that early. So we'll be starting our paddle in the early afternoon at best, and having experienced a westward afternoon paddle on Little Tupper, I thought it might be better to start on Round and then get an earlier start on the morning we move camp over to Little Tupper.

Thanks again for passing on your experiences; the information was helpful. Hopefully I'll get some good pics and able to post a trip report. Justin and Stripperguy, your TR's and photo's for this area were great!

Fly Rodder 06-22-2017 04:58 PM

Hopefully it's not too windy. Last year we went there and getting out of the channel was borderline impossible. I've never paddled so hard in my life.

We stayed at Site 8 and really liked it. The boat and the hammock stayed down by the water and we slept at the site up top.

Connecticut Yankee 06-22-2017 11:46 PM

Lots of bass in all 3 bodies of water, never caught any monsters, lots in the 2 lb range though. Considering they were illegally introduced I'd have no problem eating as many as you want.

John M

rickhart 06-24-2017 11:54 PM

The best campsites are one of the two middle ones on the east side (I think it's 3) which has a great sandy beach, and two near the north end of the east side: one on a promontory, and one with a beach.
From the outlet, as said, there's a clear carry/fishing trail along the stream. But don't count on finding much flatwater. There's a stretch from about by Bear Brook, to the bridge, and then it's carrying again. The trail can be accessed easily behind campsite 6 (but the site is wretched), or near the dam.
I rather like wandering around the woods roads near all three lakes, though it's true a number of them deadend into private land. If you wanted to hike down the outlet stream to the bridge, and do an even longer hike, across the bridge a clear woods road can be followed all the way to Pa's Falls on the Bog River. It makes a good carry for someone like me when going from Low's to Round, who doesn't want to deal with rapids & rough water. But I'm not sure how clear the path is between Bear Brook and the bridge.

Grey-Jay 06-25-2017 08:02 AM

9-11 no
My experiences are you can sometimes hear the DEC generator drone at campsites 9-11. The advantage of this end of the lake though is the wetlands offer more wildlife sightings-otter, beaver, and even moose.

Justin 06-25-2017 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by Grey-Jay (Post 259831)
My experiences are you can sometimes hear the DEC generator drone at campsites 9-11...

Same for site 1, and if the wind is calm you can hear it from just about anywhere on the lake. :banghead:

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