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cvgutier 02-23-2016 12:49 PM

Adirondack-Northville Placid Trail Transportation Services
As of 2/23/16 the Adirondack region and Northville Lake Placid Trail shuttle service will begin scheduling and providing rates for transportation requests.

For fee schedule and prompt response, please email:

This fee service includes pick ups and drop offs at airports, bus and train stations in New York State only! Fee schedule will be provided via communication at the above email address.

pamtnman 06-14-2016 09:21 PM

I gotta say, several of us emailed this email address above and never heard a thing in response. Everyone who hikes on out wants to reward folks who provide us services. But communication is the name of the game. We ended up using Broadwing Adventures, whose prices are fair.

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