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Ricky277d 09-15-2017 10:37 PM

Crane pond PLWA, goose pond, or lost pond?
Hey everyone first post here lol, been planning a 4day trip to the PLWA for some fishing and will be my first time in this area. I was just curious if anyone could lend a hand on informing me what the trail conditions are like?? I'll be bringing my old town stillwater canoe and my gear on my heavy duty cart and just wondering how rough and rocky these trails really are. I've read many mixed things about them but can't find the answer I'm looking for. I'll be using a 6wt and 4wt for trout hopefully all goes well. Was also looking at thirteenth lake for landlocks but not too sure on that yet it'll be another post lol. Thanks guys any info is greatly appreciated!!!

P.S. not looking for any fishing secrets just looking for info if the trails are cart friendly thanks!


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Justin 09-16-2017 04:46 AM

Welcome Ricky,
Crane Pond Road is fairly easy to cart along, though it is a little bumpy & muddy, and the road does pass through several inches of water about 60 yards long near Alder Pond. In fact, people with high clearance vehicles do still drive the road (including DEC), even though the road is technically closed on paper beyond the state land boundary. I was at Crane last weekend and only caught one small perch. The trails to Goose Pond & Lost Pond are very rocky and not very cart friendly at all IMO. Best of luck, and please keep it clean.
- Justin

Ricky277d 09-16-2017 09:09 AM

Thanks Justin, I carry in and carry out no worries here. You answered the questions perfectly, really wanna try goose as it says it carry's splake but maybe I'll lean more towards Crane seeing as it's a friendlier path and supposably hols salmon and lake trout.

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