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skillzman1 03-06-2017 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by dundee (Post 256601)
As of now, the access road off of Cohen Rd. is pretty icy; NO PARKING is allowed on Cohen Rd. itself. Wait a couple of weeks and the ice should be gone.

That's what I noticed two weekends ago when I attempted it. I figured the Mini Cooper was a bad idea on that ice. I think the Tundra would make it easy enough, but I can wait. No point in pushing my luck. I already got pulled out of a ditch once this winter on a hiking
Thanks, Matt

JerseyHighlander 03-09-2017 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by bmike-vt (Post 256177)
I built a timber frame barn for a client. Part of my contract was that we each had to plant the same # of trees as timber in the frame. There were 151 pieces in the frame - so we ordered up and planted over 300 trees (12 years ago now). I planted 200 on my parents property not far from the barn site, and he planted the balance on his property, right behind the barn. We had friends and family help, and made an event out of it.

My mom (dad passed a few years ago) has a healthy softwoods stand now, and the client has trees taller than his daughters, who helped us plant them all.

Very cool. That should be a requirement in more building contracts.

The year my son was born, I made note of a bunch of saplings that had sprouted that year in areas where I had taken down dead or non viable mature trees. Made sure to leave them be for a bit till I knew which ones were what tree and that they were going to do well, then trimmed out the undesirables. They are all several feet taller than he is 13 years later and growing strong. He likes that they are of the same vintage.

geogymn 02-20-2018 07:17 AM

Please oblige my annual reminder that now is the time to order tree seedlings from the State or County.

“He who plants a tree, plants a hope.”
― Lucy Larcom

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