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BIGMANROCKBASS 07-22-2017 10:35 PM

Any good canoe trips near Piseco?
I've been planning a paddling trip near Piseco lake this year, but I'm not sure what a good route would be. I've been considering starting in Lake Alqonqiun and going up the sacandaga(walking what is unmenuverable) then to Lake PLeasant to Sacandaga to Fawn. A lot of place have been damned up so I'm really running out of ideas. Got some ideas?

Nehasane 07-23-2017 03:01 PM

You'll be walking a lot of the Sacandaga!

Fall Stream is good for a 2 or 3 day trip. Some folks have carried/bushwhacked between Fall Stream & Fawn.

Grey-Jay 07-23-2017 03:53 PM

W. Sacandaga River to Good Luck Lake outlet to that lake, across lake to trail to Spectacle Lake. Carry or wheel boat on that trail to get to Spectacle which s far wilder than popular and well used Good Luck Lake. Not too far south of Piseco on Route 10. Did it decades ago so can't confirm the trail condition with all the rain this year.

montcalm 07-23-2017 04:07 PM

There's a trail between ~Mud Lake (northwest of Vly) and Fawn Lake. I've walked some of it. You have to whack a bit to pick it up from Mud lake.

I'm not sure where you'd put in from Fawn to Sacandaga, but there has to be a spot. I'm just not aware of one.

Rec route would be from Piseco to Fall to Vly to Mud to Fawn to Sacandaga or vice versa.

There's a short carry from Piseco to get into Fall Stream (some rapids) then a long carry to Fawn and a medium carry to Sacandaga. You could use DEC campgrounds as start and end points i.e. Sand Point or Poplar Point and Moffitt Beach.

I've done most of this trip in parts except for the carry to Fawn from Mud (which could be horrible, or not so bad) and launching in Sacandaga from Fawn Lake Rd.

montcalm 07-23-2017 04:17 PM

And technically you could start as far southwest as Evergreen Lake, but I'm not sure about the navigability/difficulty or perhaps even legality of passing between Evergreen and Piseco.

forgedin78 07-23-2017 05:57 PM

There is definitely an unmarked footpath between fawn and sacandaga. It's exactly where you'd expect it to be from looking at a map

Beaver Chaw 08-07-2017 02:21 PM

What it Fall Stream like beyond Vly?

montcalm 08-07-2017 02:22 PM


Originally Posted by Beaver Chaw (Post 261164)
What it Fall Stream like beyond Vly?


Nehasane 08-08-2017 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by Beaver Chaw (Post 261164)
What it Fall Stream like beyond Vly?

Small with obstructions & one short rapid - I've made it in the canoe to a quarter mile below the snowmobile trail bridge, then just walked to the trail. This year there may be more water. It's a bit like the Jessup upstream of Rt.30.

Beaver Chaw 08-08-2017 05:42 PM

Thanks! have always enjoyed that area, nice to know there is more to explore.

Nehasane 08-09-2017 10:34 AM

It might be swampy for just a little past Vly Lake but shores are mostly high & dry. Going upstream there is soon a campsite on the left. The bottom of the rapids is at 0.6 miles, easy 100 yard carry on the left. Then when I was there in May 2016 there were 4 trees down across the stream - did a short bushwhack carry - the hardest part was getting out of & back in the canoe on steep shore. Willis Vly Outlet comes in at about the 1 mile mark. Beaver dams & obstructions. At about 2 miles from Vly the water was too shallow to paddle, so I walked 0.2 miles to the trail from there thru fairly open woods.

Beaver Chaw 08-09-2017 03:33 PM

Great info thanks!!! I suspect camping on Vly would be necessary to explore these upper reaches? Have you explored Willis Vly?

Nehasane 08-09-2017 06:23 PM

Only on skis - skied to Fall Stream via Fawn & Willis, mostly on snowmobile trail.

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