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City Slicker Hiker 07-26-2017 09:01 PM

Lost in the Woods, 1945 Crash Site of a Navy Hero
This appeared in NY Times today, I thought it be of interest:

Lost in the Woods, the 1945 Crash Site of a Navy Hero
With a new book and a memorial in the woods, a retired carpenter revives the memory of a Naval hero killed in a plane crash.

FISHKILL, N.Y. — Clutching a bundle of American flags to his chest, Dave Rocco made his way up Mount Beacon, battling through the 90-degree heat and pain from his titanium knees.
Mr. Rocco, 60, negotiated the rocky path blazed 72 years ago by rescuers who hacked their way up the mountain following a plane crash some 1,100 feet up in the Hudson Highlands, a few miles east of Beacon, N.Y., a 75-minute drive north of New York City.
Mr. Rocco hopes to turn the rocky passage into a path of recognition to the place where a Navy transport plane went down in the rain and fog on Nov. 11, 1945, killing all six servicemen aboard……………………

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