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mountaintony 12-18-2012 11:11 AM

extreme cold
hi, i am going to Canada hot tenting, what's the best clothing for such cold :confused:

richard1726 12-18-2012 11:44 AM

Worry more about wind in the cold. Cover all skin even the 1/4 inch gap around ski goggles.
At -42 F I got a headache in a 10 MPH breeze untill I realized my skin was exposed , 14/ inch, above my goggles. I favor the various thicknesses of polar fleece. At night boots go in the sleeping bag with you, it will seem to take forever to warm up your feet if you start out with cold boots. A fire is just something to look at or maybe dry small items, it won't do much to ow arm you up except when you are getting the wood in the snow.

yellowcanoe 12-18-2012 12:00 PM

This forum might be of a lot of help

The clothing article is helpful. Many people wear Egyptian cotton anoraks that are oversized with a sash. That item is so practical..snug up for warmth and let the sash loose to ventilate if you start to sweat. Other items include a heavy wool shirt and wool underwear.

Its essential to go to bed dry even if you will stoke the stove all night. Dont forget a good hat and mittens with overgloves and extra liners.

Never never take daytime clothing into your sleeping bag and this includes boots. Your hot tent likely will have a clothesline. It can be quite hot in the hot tent and stuff will dry quickly.

Sweat management is paramount. Some people find fleece (me included) inadequate for ventilating.

Your stove will have a fire and it will be quite warm.. But it does take time to set up a hot tent. It is a lot of work.. first stamping out and levelling the ground.

Layers is the key. You may find yourself very hot with all that work..but exposed flesh will freeze fast. Almost everyone uses a balaclava and thinner work gloves to establish camp and the layers of long underwear, insulating layer and wind layer.

More here

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