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Arrow ADKHP Foundation is partnering with eBay

You can now support the foundation through eBay's Giving Works program. The program is easy, and supports ALL of us.

** - Don't get lost in the name. ADKForum is owned and operated as an educational arm of Adkhighpeaks Foundation. Both forums exist only through the support of the Foundation. Supporting the foundation, supports this community.

Here are the details.


Buy and Sell on eBay for Adkhighpeaks Foundation

You can support Adkhighpeaks Foundation when you buy or sell on eBay, with the eBay Giving Works program. We are now part of the eBay Giving Works program. So, you can support our foundation when you buy and sell on eBay. Here’s how:

You can find whatever you're looking for on eBay – from baseball cards to new cars and more. When you do, shop for items that benefit us. You can get a great deal and support the foundation at the same time!

Shop now to support Adkhighpeaks Foundation
Visit the Foundations eBay Giving Works page

You can also support Adkhighpeaks Foundation when you sell on eBay. Just designate our organization to receive 10-100% of your final sale price the next time you list something great.

Did you know that charity listings often get more bids and higher prices than regular eBay listings? Boost your sales and support our important work while you’re at it! Plus eBay gives back to you too, with a fee credit on your basic selling fees.

Sell now to support Adkhighpeaks Foundation
Visit the Foundations eBay Giving Works page


What this means in a thumbnail is;

When you sell something on eBay (which many of us do), all you have to do is to set up the Giving Works option (when you do an advanced listing) and select the % of of the proceeds you want us to make (if you select 10%, and the items sells for $100, we would get $10 minus a $.37 fee). You will get the added benefit of 1) being listed indicating it's charitable status (which often fetch's higher bids), and 2) receiving a tax-deductible receipt for the portion of the proceeds you donate.

If you choose to donate 100% of an item, it's considered a donation in kind and similar to giving cash. There is a tax reporting difference, but it is deductible. Consult your tax person.

If you buy something listed on the page, it will also help us out as everything listed on it benefits us in some measurable way. It essentially multiplies the gift and everyone is happy.

Sample transaction:

If Dick has a tent he no longer wants, but doesn't care what he gets for it. He can list it on ebay and sell it, but when he list's it, he selects 50% to go to us. Let's say Neil needs a tent and sees Dick's tent on the listing page. Neil bids on it and buy's it for $60.

- Dick's Happy because he unloads the tent, makes $30 and gets a $30 tax deduction.

- Neil is happy cuz he gets a tent and helps out an organization that serves a great purpose.

- We are happy, because we did nothing and receive $28.89 as a charitable donation to use for the Foundation projects.

Sweet Huh :tup:

We hope you consider using this as a way to support us. Lemme know if you have any questions.
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