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I presently use a padded, nylon camera case with zippered front panel for my rechargeable batteries and extra compact flash card. I can either attach it to my backpack belt (there's a velcro and snap flap, or attach it to a strap and put it around my neck (hard to hike this way thoough.) The case, however, isn't waterproof and because it is soft-sided, there is the potential for damage if it falls when I take off my pack. Does anyone know of any hard-sided, waterproof cases which could be used with a digital camera? Kevin mentioned that EMS sells them, but I have the same issues with making sure there is padding inside the case for protection Mine is a Nikon 4300 (about 4 years old) - not as small as some of the mini digitals I have seen, but still a compact size for hiking and backpacking.
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