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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Dude, just a thought, but ponchos may not be the best gear choice for bushwhacking through thick brush in wet weather. Maybe you should ask for some better outdoor gear gift cards this holiday season.
I'm a dum-dum, but I'm not that dumb, Lol. I am well aware that a Poncho is not the best gear choice, but here's why I wore it:
I had all my good "holiday" gear on underneath the Poncho. The fact is, the best gear choice for thick wet brush is to not venture into it at all, because even the best gear will leave you drenched in those conditions.
I put a poncho on over my good gear as a ventilated tarp-like barrier to delay the inevitable drenching process that comes with thick wet bushwhacking. I knew it would be torn to a shag rug, I just didn't think it would get torn to such a gnarly degree.
Normally, I would have not ventured out to do North Seward, but I wanted to climb it before the snow got too deep. Thick bushwhacking in wet/snowy conditions is where I draw the line and stay home to watch Scooby-Doo.
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