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Town Line Ridge, SLWA, 15 Dec, 2018

I had an awesome opportunity today to join a few of my friends from the Adirondack Wilderness Explorers ( on a short hike. Our destination today was Town Line Ridge in the Silver Lake Wilderness Area. If time and conditions allowed, we also planned to check out the nearby falls on the Vly Creek.

Arriving at 9:00, I met my three fellow Wilderness Explorers (& one dog) in the Hernandez Rd. parking lot in the Town of Wells. After a quick greeting and hearty handshakes all around, we slipped on the microspikes and headed up the well packed path and into the Silver Lake Wilderness Area.

After a little bit or searching, our stalwart leader and trip organizer, found a suitable crossing of Vly Creek.

Once across the creek, we headed up over the low shoulder of Rooney Hill and intersected a tributary creek. We followed the small creek upstream until the appropriate place to begin our final ascent up the slopes Town Line Ridge.

The snow conditions we getting a little soft as we climbed through the hardwoods. Since we were close to the summit, most of us kept our spikes on for the final push.

Soon enough, we were at the top of this modest 1568' hill. Town Line Ridge is so named as it is bisected by the Hope-Wells town line. According to our fearless leader, the open summit is a result of the 1903 forest fires. The views are 180 from south-west-north.

Wallace, Three-Ponds and Vly Mts. stand out across the amphitheatre like setting.

Looking NW, Devorse Mt. fills the foreground with the large peaks of Dugway, Swart and Hamilton Mts. stretching to the north.

After a light snack and some map study, we suited up and headed down through soft snow.

The snowshoes came on after we crossed the small tributary that separates Town Line Ridge from Rooney Hill.

A quick traverse of the middle slopes of Rooney Hill brought us directly to Vly Creek falls. The beautiful waterfalls were mostly frozen, but still spectacular.

In the summer, this is one of the greenest places I have ever seen in the Adirondacks ( The leaves, mosses and ferns are absolutely spectacular. Now, it was great to see this familiar place coated in white. The spikes came back on as I descended into the gorge to enjoy the beauty.

After satisfying our Explorers curiosity, we recrossed Vly Creek and walked the short distance back to the parking area. All told, we hoofed a little under 4 miles through some beautiful woods. It was great to get back out with my AWE friends and share some great memories in the Wilderness.
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