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We've had a fair bit of snow the last week. 40 inches.

Yesterday it was only a foot. The roads were plowed once. ( no salt and sand, just plowed. ) We do not have a lot of traffic in the backroads of the foothills of the Whites.

So the Forester was called on to negotiate up and down hills ( about four in the 800 foot/ mile ascent category). Plus a few farm areas with about 12 inch drifts.

It was a blast and we only slid once in 70 miles.. Snowbank pinball ( the banks are nice and high and if you glance off, soft enough you dont dent the car)

We try not to take it off road. The Forester is not meant for that. though we do drive it on the lake in the winter. Its a 2009 so its a little bigger than the older models.
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