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I'll simply address the question of reliability between Sirius XM and cellphone.

I find cellphone - Verizon - to be unreliable in the Adirondacks.

I have been using XM radio for more than a decade all over the Adirondacks and Allagany National Forrest and find it the be quite reliable. Occasionally I lose a signal due to driving close to a mountain side while listening to a ball game (still follow St Louis so I need XM) due to the mountain blocking the signal .... like being in a tunnel..... blocks the signal.

I also have noticed an inability to pick up a signal parked under a large tree, especially during heavy rain... I think the wet leaves block the signal.
I've also noticed a difference in the strength of the signal when I go to park the car at a campground. It can change from poor to good in a few yard distance. Again I think it's the trees......

So it's probably an issue of whether Starlink is SirusXM based regarding the signal.

Others will need to help you regarding it's value during an accident. I'd drop by a hospital or police station and talk to them......

Let us know..... I'm also interested in something like that and will probably just buy it if I can afford it...... better than nothing or not having it I'd expect.

Wish you'd have started a new thread regarding the issue.....

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