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Originally Posted by randomscooter View Post
I've had a set of LL Bean goretex shell pants/coat that I've been very happy with since around the turn of the millenium. Sometimes I wish the darned things would wear out so I could get these new fangled outerwear that everyone else is wearing. But that's not me so I "suffer" with my bought and paid for LL Bean's.

That said, they are a heavier weight material (3 ply) than I would prefer to carry as rain gear, so I use them only for winter hiking. But goretex (or other waterproof/breathable membranes) SHOULD be waterproof. For example, we ARE all wearing breathable fishing waders these days.
Mine aren't that heavy and they compress down into their own pocket. I'm reading other peoples reports and I'm surprised. I'm thinking that perhaps a lot depends on the company that uses the gore tex and how it's manufactured/assembled, etc. L.L. Bean has always had a great reputation for quality and reliability. I mean, my gear fits the "bomb proof" (although in that case 'd prefer a flak jacket or some Kevlar) request of the OP.
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