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Originally Posted by vtflyfish View Post
It's only been a year but my Mountain Hardwear jacket is no longer waterproof. I've reapplied DWR twice now but the stuff wears off and the jacket won't withstand a week's trip where heavy rain is expected. Add another glorified windbreaker to the pile...
Not waterproof or not breathable? When I'm sitting in my float tube my arse feels like it's getting wet. When I get out of the tube my arse still feels wet. But it's just sweat. No way the goretex can breathe when it's submerged. and no way a rain jacket can breathe if the membrane is clogged (for obvious reasons) or if the DWR is worn out (because the jacket will "wet out" instead of beading, which means there is a uniform coat of water covering the membrane, pretty much like being underwater.

Sounds as if the DWR isn't worn out, because you have re-applied it. So, a few questions for you. (1) Do you wash the jacket? If not then the pores will get clogged. (2) Do you wash the jacket with Nikwax TekWash or some other recommended product? If you use regular laundry detergent the pores will get clogged. (3) Do you use a spray on DWR and apply it only to the outside? If you use a wash in DWR or apply a spray on to the inside then the pores will get clogged.

That's all I've got. If it ain't one of the above then it's time to call Mtn Hardwear again.
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