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Originally Posted by ripz182 View Post
The thread started out simply trashed boat = garbage I think we all agree that trashed boats are garbage. Then the thread evolved into there are Rules, Rules that MUST be followed and I will rat you out and publish the locations of the stashed boats on the web because it doesnít conform to the Rules and thier vision of the Adirondacks. Why are hidden boats such a concern when there is no outrage over the acres of Adirondack forest that is removed each year for huge lawns for new homes?
Before the ultralight boats folks were grateful to have a pond boat to use. Now it seems to upsets some boaterís expectations that they do not a pond to themselves and have to share it with a troll in a pond boat. I am recently retired and my expectation is to use the pond boats that we have had in the ponds, in one form or another, for generations and I donít mind sharing the water, even with ingrates.
In my defense, since you attacked: My grandfather was an Adirondack guide and taught us forest stewardship, do no harm, remove all our trash as well as that of others. We have always been respected the land and carried out all our trash as well all that others left behind.
It was predictable that someone would respond with an insult about locals; they are trolls, trash the woods, and introduce non-native species. Where did you get the facts to support these conclusions? Are there facts or is it something made up; maybe just an opinion? I find it interesting because when we find trash or perch in the trout pond we say: those darn tourists they just donít know any better.
Differing opinions, touchť: my opinion is you suburbanites have cut your trees, planted lawns, cleaned, sanitized, and regulated the neighborhoods to the point that one canít tolerate being there on weekends and vacations so you go elsewhere. Having soiled their beds in suburbia and rather than learning from these mistakes they come to the Adirondacks to sanitize and regulate. Enforce the Rules. There no reason to sanitize the Adirondacks one comes here because it is wild and there is still some freedom.
As more Rules are introduced and enforced to make the mountains conform to some touristís vision I can only hope someday my family doesnít have to look back and say: Those darn tourist they just donít know any better.

Before you say you were attacked, please go back and read your original post. I started this topic to honestly see how others felt about this, not to legislate or push my personal opinion. By and large it was a civil conversation with various opinions and rebuttals. Your comment about summer homes and outsiders smacks of parochialism, not to mention having nothing to do with the topic. If you want to start a separate thread about that, you might find I agree with you. Your assumptions about other people are uninformed and somewhat paranoid sounding.

Have a nice day.
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