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No misrepresentation at all. henters and fishermen do not have to pay any fees to hike, do they? Hikers who do hunt or fish do not have to pay the sportsman fees.

Still comes from my taxes.

Where is the misrepresentation? I agree there is some, but it's not from me. No one forces you to hunt or fish, if you do, you have to pay a fee. You have to hike in most cases to hunt or fish but you don't have to pay any extra for hiking.

No one forces you to hike for free.

And I asked if all the money that goes for the game management and the stocking of streams comes from sportsman fees or if other funds (tax dollars) are used for that. What about people who don't hike, paddle, ski, climb, hunt or fish? Their tax dollars are paying for the maintenance, etc.

Road maintainance welfare school aide etc.

Many of the trails todays are maintained by volunteers, Rangers are responsible for checking and policing hunting and fishing and that actually requires a little more effort then just patroling the trails for hikers.

How many times have they had to rescue lost and injured hikers compaired to hunters?

I am all in favor of licenses for hikers. I think we should all be responsible for supporting our recreational endeavors.

On thing we agree on.
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