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Originally Posted by rollinslover64 View Post
Quite frankly,when using state land I do not feel that we should have to pay an extra fee for hunting.Supposedly it is our land paid for by our taxes. An extra fee for fishing is reasonable to pay for stocking but when it comes to hunting deer,bear,rabbits,squirrels,and waterfowl none of these animals require extra expense in the form of stocking from the state to maintain adequate numbers.In fact it is the hunters who help maintain adequate numbers. Personally I clear and do simple maintainence on state land trails whenever I hike so I do not feel I should have to pay extra to use them.I would just like to see more do the same.I feel I would be foolish to think that my fee going to the state for hiking would actually be used to maintain trails. I believe the fee would either go in some politicians pocket or to another social program that is totally unrelated to what I'm paying for.
Well said. That is what is wrong with the system today.
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