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well if you jointly own a house then your name should at least appear on the deed for the home unless you are hiding from some thing . Without some sort of real proof of owner ship then yes you should also pay extra. Reality is you in the eyes of the state are nothing but a tennant if you are not on a papper for the home and property. many choose to put one name only on the mortage for finanace reasons and or back owed taxes , child support and liens from past problems. Even scams for tax returns for singlr parent and child credit. if the primary owner ever passes on then you will have to fight this in court for owner ship . other family relatives may beat you in court over this even if they had nothing to do with it for years. if you are married you are entitled to half of what has been aquired after the marriage so if you dont appear on paper before that time you my be sol. If there are past children from other marriages they may sweep you out the door with or without your things . Flying under the radar isn't so good these back to the main idea Iguess to avoid this the state would need the legal owner to file household occupancy and issue pass for each occupant wich would have a common DOC# maybe use the 911 address for filing and DOB code for proof of id i dont want anyone to loose out when looking at these suggestions we need to look at the idea not instanly who will loose out there are no problems just solutions for proper application think out side the box asume your a target allways and you may miss the important things.
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