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I agree with DuctTape, and it appears that we agree quite often on many threads...But either way, why carry so much weight when it can be cut WAY down, don't beat your head against the wall of weight ....
Unless I am in the High Peaks, I cut a lot of weight by carrying a Kevlar Bear Bag, Paracord, and common sense...eliminating my "UltraLight" Bear Vault, cuts 2.9#s alone!!!!
But beyond that, here is my list for MOST backcountry trips:
Sleeping pad
Sleeping bag
One change of clothes (Pants, Tshirt, socks)
Hammock (no tent, but I do have a GoLite 2#'s if I need one)
Whisperlite stove
1 canister of fuel
1 bowl
1 cup
1 gas station spork
Multi tool
Helle knife on my belt
Self Made MRE's
roasted edamame for snacking
head lamp (no flashlights)
med kit to fit in my waist belt
Deck of cards (if Im not alone) or Journal (if I am solo)
Needle and Thread
Firestarter (cotton balls and paraffin)
Wax Dipped Matches and Lighter
1 warm jacket
Rain jacket

Trekking poles with duct tape on them in case I need to make a repair

That list felt longer than it should be as I am typing it, but when it comes down to it, I am around 25-30#s tops....My 60L pack has plenty of room in it as well. I can put my clothes, sleeping back and hammock in 1 med compression sack which doubles as my pillow. There is no need for a knife AND a multi tool, but for some reason I NEVER leave my house without a knife. I don't carry extra batteries, because before every trip I put new ones in and recycle the old ones in TV remotes or my kids toys.
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