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Just checked my pack weight far it's 20.7 lbs without food. My camera and PFD will add 3lb and 1 lb respectively.
All my food is dried at home, I have only a Kelly Kettle now.
I do bring an old Coleman camp stool (with a back on it), 13 oz of comfort.
1 full change of clothes
tent (solo), sleeping bag(down), sleeping pad(Neoair)
Rain gear, hat, gloves
Folding saw
Water filter/ nalgene bottle, plastic spoon, paper cup
Multitool(mini), reading glasses, compass, map, GPS, Ibuprofen, lip balm, lighter, LED flashlight, small mirror

I think that's fuel needed, no phone, no bored games, or is it board games?, no bowls, no plates

It's kind of funny, I refuse to compromise on my will comprise nearly 1/8 of my total pack weight, but I really want those high res memories!!
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