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Originally Posted by cbrown7
I just returned to climbing after nearly 17 years. Man, I thought i was in pretty good condition, but at 56 I stop to smell the roses more often. And to breathe! I did a couple small training hikes in September (Floodwood Mountain and then Ampersand) and then a week ago I solo-ed Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge. Nine hours round trip, in by Roaring Brook out by Ridge Trail. I was exhausted and asked myself if I was crazy. Now I can't wait to go back. I've done 30 of the 46 and have reset my goal to get the rest before I am 62. Then I can do them again! I live in Syracuse and have a camp near Fish Creek, in the Floodwood area so it's pretty easy to day trip out of there.

I'm planning to do Street and Nye and then Lower Wolfjaw this fall. I've done a lot of winter hikes, but that was long ago and I may not try that again for a while. I dug out all my old gear and I'm surprised (shouldn't be) about the advances in equipment. I bought a new pack, ground pad and water filter. The freeze dried food hasn't changed much, though. It still tastes great if you are hungary enough!

Any thoughts on best day hike approaches to Stree/Nye and to Lower Wolfjaw?
Hi cbrown7, and welcome to the forum! Yes, funny how these peaks seem to get higher every year! Much harder to stay in shape at "our" age (I've got three years on you). Sounds like you've got the right attitude to finish, and then some! Gear and freeze dried food have both advanced, depending upon your tastes, wants, and needs. You'll learn from others as to what you really need as you hike, though mostly you'll figure it out for yourself. Personally, I think some freeze dried stuff isn't bad, but nothing beats dehydrated homemade cooking!

Street/Nye: there's really only one approach here (unless you're into bushwacking): the path from Heart Lake across Indian Pass Brook. It's had a "make-over' in recent years and is a much more "civilized" hike than you may remember, and is now an easy to follow herdpath.

Lower Wolf Jaw has a few options, depending upon what you're looking for in the hike. The 'easiest' in terms of ascent would be the approach from the Interior Outpost via the 'Garden' (Woodsfall Trail). The Ausable Club road to the Wedge Brook Trail is another option. Finally, the W.A. White Trail from Ausable is apparently (I have not hiked this one) a longer but more gradual approach. Check the ADK Guide to the High Peaks (Tony Goodwin, ed.) for specific info.

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