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Hello. I'm Gomer. Although I don't live within the park, wasn't born there and have lived as far away as Guam, I still consider the Adirondacks home. My dad's side of the family is from here and we were moved up here when we were kids. That's when I began to see these grand old mountains for what they are; a good time, a good place and a good thing to pass on to our kids.

Currently, I'm a quality control inspector for Keymark Corp and work long hours for very little compensation or appreciation, but it keeps the bills paid and my passions funded. I'm trying to get into a shop building OHV's and pick up some land outside the park to set up an OHV park. Hopefully through this, I can help spread the appreciation I have for the land and show other 'wheelers that Treading Lightly can be applied to motor vehicles as well. In fact, I know of only one "tread heavy" park and anything to see there has been run over long ago. I'm also trying to find places within the park to practice my hobby and not wreck anything more that's already been lost.

I've been hiking almost as soon as I learned to walk and only been enjoying the Adirondacks since my parents moved us up here from south Georgia when I was 12. I do, though, have quite a few miles on Shank's Mare in other places: south Georgia, north Florida, Texas, Guam, Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and New Jersey.

I'm a veteran of the US Air Force, had a number of jobs I've performed poorly at and some I've done very well at. Sadly, I've done poorly at far more jobs than I've been successful with. But, it's helped me decide what I want to do with myself. Some may say that it's about time I figure it out. But I must point out that some people are far older than I before they find out what sort of living makes them happy.

Enough with the boring stuff. My daughter, Leah, is a ten year old girl who has had my heart since the day she was born. Her mother, I won't bore you with.

My girlfriend, Heather, at 26, is very new to the outdoors as are her children Zack (6), Melissa (5) and Shauny(4). Of the three, Zack has taken to the outdoors the quickest, but Shauny is the most enthusiastic. Melissa could probably take it or leave it regardless how many s'mores she gets to make. Zack is even trying to get his mom to let me take him winter camping this year; you know, get out and do "man stuff", as he puts it.

Those of you who've met and welcomed me already, I thank you. This is probably the warmest forum I've ever belonged to.

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to chew through the restraints.
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