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I'm Don and I'm 51 . In the 60's I ran with the Boy Scouts and learned my basic woodsmanship skills and love of the hills. Dad was into it and though we lived in Westchester, NY, hiking and camping were part of the life. The
70's took me to college in south-central New Hampshire, where I stayed for a few years after school just because it was so incredible. We'd hop in the car and drive up to the Whites in mid-winter, find a place to park and climb up whatever hill looked big enough to kill us before we could park a tent in the snow, get a fire going and settle down. I've been in the East Village in NYC for the last 20 years, which just amazes me, considering the lack of the space I love. Been going to the Catskills and the Adirondacks with guys I grew up with every year for a very long time now. The Catskills were OK, but despite the extra car hours we've clearly favored the Adirondacks and hit the Loj campground most years. Now we all bring our kids, get a lean-to or use a tent, and do our best to teach them how to enjoy the outdoors. We used to carry it all up and camp at Indian Falls, but now we're pretty happy to do the tents at the bottom and day hike it up Mt. Marcy, (or Mt. Joe, depending on the weather and our energy level). We're there just about every Columbus Day weekend. Yes, I admit it, I am one of the herd. Moo.
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