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What a great setup! After staying at the house in Maine, and it was a true two story house, I always thought that if I could ever get a weekend place in the Adirondacks I'd be willing to try a solar/propane house system. They also used four marine storage batteries(kept in the basement) to store the solar energy before conversion to AC. So much sun on the Maine coast it was a very good workable system. the composting toilet was a challenge if someone stayed there who didn't know what would or wouldn't work. liek, if you're on antibiotics, you cna't use the toilet. Well, you can, but don't expect it to compost properly.

Again, what lucky dogs you are to have found your cabin. I'm assuming that's it in your avatar and it looks great! Winter is a fantastic time to get up to the Adirondacks. So peaceful. I love the seemingly quiet, and yet so busy woods, with the chatter of of birds and critters if you watch and listen. Enjoy these special trips!
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