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Originally Posted by bmike-vt View Post
you can tell the camera to power up and start shooting in whatever mode you want... so set the default operation to 'time lapse', pick an interval, and then set the power up to 1 touch or something. mount the camera in a convenient location, and when you want to take a photo, hold the power until it beeps. it powers up and starts snapping... let it run for a minute or more, depending on your interval... and then when your hands are free power it down. you can make that charge last a long time. maybe not 6 days on 1 battery, but you can certainly get 2 days out of 1 battery with selective shooting (more than you would get otherwise pulling the camera out...).
That's something to consider trying. But the camera will likely be mounted on a post so it is out of the way while paddling in an inconvenient location to reach to power it up and down. Again, I checked with GoPro tech directly, two different years, and they both told me that as long as it is in interval mode, it is consuming power continuously and wont last any longer than if it was in movie mode.

I was really hoping for the easy solution of having it set for an interval of 2 minutes or more, and letting it run for a good part of the day in interesting sections of the river with minimal battery changes. Why it can't power itself up and down for a infrequent shot without consuming a high amount of power between shots is beyond me. I still intend to look strongly at the 5th generation model when it comes out (October?), but it will be too late for Yukon 2016.
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