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Not sure what the alternative is then...maybe he means having a specific season? Maybe opening it up to year round helps, or perhaps the problem is there simply aren't enough hunters?

I certainly hope they don't resort to poisons, which always have unintended consequences.

I'm up for a pig roast - it'd be a great way to have a Gathering party!


Originally Posted by poconoron View Post
That would be a seemingly logical way to go, however:

For all of those reasons, state wildlife and agricultural officials would like to rid Pennsylvania of wild hogs before it's too late. They tried to do that last fall by baiting hogs into traps where entire family groups could be killed.

Hunters, though, have inadvertently been making that job harder. They killed an estimated 300 hogs last year, but by pressuring them, especially around baited areas, hunters are actually causing the pigs to spread out rather than controlling populations, Griswold said.
"It seems like a contradiction, but hunting is going to lead to our inability to control hogs in Pennsylvania. In this case, it's counterproductive," Griswold said.

See link:

This looks like a very difficult problem for states to come to grips with.
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