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I live in St.lawrence Co. and this was the 5TH year in a row we have had pig "sign" on our hunting property. Two years ago I finally got pictures on my trail cam(6-8 pics). This past year i got only 2 pics. The pictures appear to be of a male ,a female and one frame had one small piglet. None of our hunting gruop has seen any of the pigs and we deer hunt the property alot. I've sent the pictures to our Region 6 biologist. She contacted me and stated she was aware of these particular pigs. The DEC attempted to trap this family gruop on a neighboring property approx. 3-4 miles away without success. That wa last year, this year she told me she could send over DEC shooters ,but I had to state that these pigs were going thru our property daily or staying on our property. I couldn't say this for sure since I only had 2 pics which were days apart. My belief is they go thru on a weekly basis but certainly not every day. Supposedly you can shoot these pigs anytime and you only have to have a small game licence(thats what DEC told me).
This past fall a farmer/hunter killed a boar that weighed approx. 350 lbs. I was sent the photo and it appears to be quite possibly the boar(black Russian type) that I had on my trail cam. This farmers property is approx. 7 miles from mine. If I could figure out how to post pictures on here I'd post my photos.
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