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There are three ways to Porter via trails:

Cascade Pass Trailhead: As of now, this trailhead and trail are still open, and have always been the easiest way to Porter. The new trail from Van Ho has not yet been completed, to my knowledge, and the current trail from Cascade Pass has certainly not been closed. The trail is a heavily traveled highway to the Cascade / Porter junction. Past that, the short trip to Porter is less traveled and in poor condition (lack of maintenance) and usually wet.

Marcy Field (Airport Road) Trailhead: This trailhead is also on Route 73. This is the "hard way" to Porter. Much longer and more vertical, makes Porter feel like a "real mountain." The trail is open and in good shape as far as Blueberry Mountain. Past Blueberry, the last time I was there a couple years ago the trail was a mess (lack of maintenance) covered with blowdown and mud puddles.

Garden Trailhead: This trail passes over Little Porter and on to Porter. This trail is closed as of last year. (This has nothing to do with this summer's Garden Road closure for the bridge replacement.) Part of this trail crossed private land. The private landowner has requested that it be closed, and to my knowledge a reroute has not yet been constructed.
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