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Originally Posted by Riosacandaga View Post
I've been looking at a route through there as well. Using the Nat Geo #745 map: From Haskell Road, Trail #113 to #109 to S. Lake Road to #101 to #105 to Woodhull Lake and out to McKeever. If anyone has any experience on these trails please share!
The stretch of trail between North Lake and Sand Lake Falls is pretty wet in spots. As is often the case with snowmobile trails, it's not very well maintained for summer travel when everything isn't frozen.

North of there (in the vicinity of Woodhull Lake) isn't too bad.

I've toyed with the idea of attempting a long distance backpacking trail from Nobleboro to Stillwater, as it would be possible to do it with relatively little road walking (especially if I could safely get across the Moose River at Remsen Falls), but I know that there'd be some pretty wet and swampy slogs along the way.
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