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I do not blame you for deciding to leave... that would unnerve anyone. Just this weekend as I drove from the Hudson Valley to Western NY on Rt. 17 to 81 to NYS Thruway we must have seen well over a dozen snapping turtles that had been hit while crossing the roads. All different sizes. They are very active now as your story tells. Maybe they do get more aggressive when mating / egg laying season is on and the pond water temps rise.
Two weeks ago I was on a bike ride in some farm country and came across a normal sized snapper crossing a road so I stopped with my riding friend and we moved it off the road in the direction it was heading. To show my friend the capability of the turtle to do damage I got a stick and moved it in front of its face. He was shocked at how fast that turtle struck at the stick and held on tight. The head can come way out and reached back as well. I showed him this so he would be aware for future encounters.
They are nothing to take lightly. Especially the big ones.
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