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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Sadly, there are no "current" positive aspects, unless you are a lawyer. Some folks want to make fights in court to try to thwart the informed decision of the electorate. All that does is waste a lot of money and time, and delay the realization of the benefits of this deal. There will be a lot of positives, if the process is ever allowed to go forward.
Thanks Tom.
I'm not sure that filing a lawsuit for the alledged illegal process is a waste of money and time.
I admit, I haven't been paying too much attention to this issue since last fall, but from what I have read, there were a few details that were left in the dark that people are starting to find out now, and I can't help but think that maybe the very close votes from last fall might have been a little different had we known what is being revealed now.
In any event, as someone who voted against this, I'd like to see something positive come from it.
Is the public currently allowed to visit the swapped land formerly owned by NYCO yet?
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