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Actually it did not dawn on me until last Saturday that Early Bear Season was almost upon us. I'll probably go up this weekend but since bears have left my Camp alone for the past 2 years I'll probably not hunt and let bygones be bygones.

I really admire your persistence. With baiting illegal and scenting curtailed the only way to bag one is either through luck or staking out a food source. I no longer have the patience for either but wish good luck for those hardy souls who do.
Gary Lee used to say that in years with no mast crop, all you needed to do was locate your camp on a slope with a good downdraft and then fry some bacon for breakfast! As for baiting, I met a retired Police Officer from Westchester once who admitted that he had once brought a garbage bag full of frozen menhaden up and hung it overnight. He said there were a few small pieces of the plastic bag left in the morning, and he gave up on the idea of (illegal) baiting after that.

Good luck to anyone who is going out for Yogi. I can't afford that much buttermilk!
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