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Thanks! I did find an older topo map here: which corresponds to the older survey in your link. However, your link has the advantage of superimposing both maps and then adjusting their transparency to compare features.

Although the older map seems to suggest the roads coincide, there's evidence indicating they don't. For starters, the old map has huge errors such as hills that are either missing or don't exist in later surveys. In addition, it places the location of the confluence of the South and North Fork Boquet River farther north than in newer surveys. With all these mistakes, its difficult to believe any part of that ancient junction is accurate.

My wild guess is the concrete posts might have been erected to block the road. Perhaps it had a bridge that washed away and they installed 4 posts across the road's path. The attached photo shows 3 of them (4th is out of frame to the right). The Boquet River is visible in the background. The 4 posts face the South Fork Boquet (just a few yards away and behind the photographer's position).
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