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Thanks for the photo. I wondered how those drill holes were used to support cables and now I understand they held eye-bolts. At first I thought the posts served the same purpose as in your photo, namely running alongside the road to keep cars out of the ditch. However, there are too few of them and they're not parallel to any road shown on old maps. So I theorized they were placed perpendicular to the 1955 unimproved road to serve as a barrier against crossing the South Fork Boquet. Still just a theory ...

Thanks for putting a date on (modern) highways 73 and 9. I subscribe to your theory the sign dates back to pre-WWII and lined the old road. The sign isn't very far away from the present highway.

Perhaps it stood at the fork shown in the 1895 map? Southbound on 73, you'd turn left, just prior to the actual junction with the 9, and take a "shortcut" to join the 9. According to the 1895 map, this shortcut lies completely south of the Boquet and is not the unimproved road shown in the 1955 survey (which crosses the South Fork Boquet).

Another view of the area taken when trees were leafless.

Looking for views!

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