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Originally Posted by Hard Scrabble View Post
Really, why in the world would DEC want to introduce cougars to the ADK's?
The coyote is the most adaptable of our wild canids and expanded its range to follow prey animals, simple as that.
I seriously discount conspiracy theories.
Hi Jim.
Predatory animals lessen road kill which threatens highway drivers. The wolf and cougar and buffalo were all but exterminated due to fear and greed and unsportsmanlike conduct. Parts of the ADK's could support cougar life and keep the coyote population in check. Man has caused severe imbalances in nature due to the above mentioned reasons. More and more sightings are occurring but we do not know whether these big cats are the result of migration or seeding. I wouldn't count either possibility out. A high percentage of "conspiracy theories" have been proven to be true so you can label them what you like and no one is asking you to believe. I am NOT running for office. I merely offer possible scenarios. I think the cougar sightings are a little more believable than the "bigfoot" sightings. Do our individual opinions matter? Perhaps to some but more likely only to ourselves. Where do you think Coyotes came from?
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