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Originally Posted by geogymn View Post
Good tip!
If you have an Android phone, not so much ...

For the Adirondack Park, Memory-Map offers two maps:

USGS Topo 7.5' Quads for $10
Most competitors don't charge for USGS maps. As far as current trails and backcountry infrastructure goes, the USGS Topo 7.5 maps are outdated.

DeLorme Topo for $10
USGS 7.5' Quads are 1:24000 scale. These maps from DeLorme are 1:50000.
The different scales of map are referred to as "Levels". The least detailed is Level8 and the most detailed is Level 15. Levels 8 through 12 are accessible with the Memory-Map app for free. When you purchase a state, the license includes Levels 13, 14 and 15. Level 15 is about the same detail as a 1:50,000 scale topo map.
Compare that with what I recommended in an earlier post.

AlpineQuest costs $10 and, for no extra charge, provides these maps (there are more):
  • 12 from OpenStreetMap.
  • 4 from Bing.
  • 9 from Google.
  • 7 from the USGS.
  • 9 from Caltopo.
  • 4 from Strava.
  • Light Pollution Maps.
  • MyTopo and NRCAN maps for Canada.

You can also use Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC) (free) to create your own maps and AlpineQuest will display them.

If USGS 7.5' Quads are sufficient for your needs then I suggest you try Locus Map Free. It's the free version of Locus Map (Pro) and it offers USGS Quads and OpenStreetMap. Or OruxMaps which is equally free and provides free USGS Quads and OpenStreetMap.
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