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Originally Posted by qam1 View Post
What business of what we do here in New York (or Texas, Montana, or where ever else this shale is) is it of a Massachusetts Representive? Even if all the horror stories of what will happen comes true, it will have no bearing on his district in Boston. He's not representing the people of Western NY, they didn't vote for him. Why does he get a say?
#1, as stated by a previous poster, he is Chair of the Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment. Here's his website: Since the feds might just get called in to deal with the cleanups, I think it should be a federal issue (a la superfund sites). If tax payers end up helping to foot the bill should an "accident" cause catostrophic results, the federal goverment should probably have a look at what's going on. Not saying that will/would happen, but it's their jobs to look at the possiblities. So he's doing what he's supposed to be doing-looking into things his committee overseas.

#2, as I understand it, this is mostly going to happen in Cental and Southern NY, not Western NY. A good hunk of WNY is not above the Marcellus Shale, we're just hanging out up here dealing with other "great" business practices that left their legacies on our soil.

I understand that we all need to heat our homes, cook our food and run our businesses but I'm not drinking the koolaid especially if I don't know what's in it! Is it really too much to ask that we don't mortgage our childrens and grandchildrens futures for some cheap gas now? Look at the legacies left to this generation, just in NY. PCBs in the hudson, Love Canal in the Falls, countless brownfields, superfund sites and places that need remediation (and places that will forever be contaminated, like the LOOW and the mound of fenced off ground in what was Love Canal). I can't see the problem in saying "whoa, what a minute. You want to put some unknown substance into the ground where my drinking water comes from, where I grow corn for my cattle that feed people in the country, where I grow grapes to make wine that people drink? Prove to me what's in it and it's safe. Prove to me that in 20 years my kids won't be asking why everyone has health problems and is sick. Prove to me that in 40 years my grandkids won't be footing the bill to clean up your mess." And the only way to prove it is to publish the ingredients.
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