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Yes, in NY there is still time. In Penna, however, its basically a done deal. Lots of drilling in Bradford and Tioga counties. You cannot buy land in these counties with the mineral rights. The state is leasing state game lands for drilling. There are people reaping windfalls in PA. My cousin is one of them. I also heard of some elderly farmers outside of Mansfield PA that are getting monthly royalties in the 5 digit range. Not too bad for a couple who have kept a dairy farm going their entire lives. Who knows what the long term envirnomental repercussions will be? Its scary though when you read about the chemicals used in fracking, radiation released in frack water, difficulties in treating frack water, releasing of frack water into our streams and rivers, disposition of the sediment from treated frack water etc. The drilling will not affect the ADK's and Catskills where most of the people on this forum hike but it will have a major impact on the forests, lakes and rivers in other beautiful areas such as the finger lakes and the forests of north central PA.
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