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Originally Posted by Graybeard View Post
We get a bee in our bonnet when a paddler gets killed by a motorboat on a lake crowded with motorboats. Do we get a bee in our bonnet when a motorcyclist is killed by a car on the freeway during rush hour? If all the rules of the road and common sense were always followed we wouldn't see fatalities in either situation, but that won't come until the next evolutionary stage in the human species. In the case of the freeway, most of the traffic during rush hour is folks going to or from work; neither destination nor time of travel is easily changed. In the case of the waterway, both the lake and the timing are more or less arbitrary choices. From what I've read, there's plenty of negligence to go around; that includes lack of foresight in choosing a boat color.
Plenty of negligence no doubt, all on the powerboat. Since you brought up motorcycles vs. four wheeled vehicles. Who is almost always the loser in that match-up? Might doesn't make right. I do care about bikers being run down just as much as I would a kayaker. I take the extra time to look out for them. I'm sure
you've heard of the slogan "Share the Road". What it means is the road doesn't exist only for cars, other people use various modes of transportation. Motorcycles, bicycles, & pedestrians. Same principle goes for the water. To suggest that kayakers stick to the shoreline is like telling a bicyclist to stay on the sidewalk. Have you ever watched someone in a car pass a bicycle by merely an inch or two, when they could have gone over to the left a whole lane if they wanted to be safe? The same type of people who would do that also exist on the water in a greater proportions to normal people ratio & do that sort of thing all the time. I think Lake George could use some serious law enforcement to rein in all the yahoos, whether they own property or not. Crack down on them, while making money from citations. If the sheriff had a clue about the law & some guts, he would charge that man with involuntary or reckless manslaughter. If the worst you'll get is a ticket for something like this, it will not jar other ignorant people to think or deter them from their ways. But I suppose that wouldn't go over well with the powerboat happy property owners. Is he worried he won't get re-elected? Shouldn't the state police get involved with this? I don't like the sheriffs "oh well, he should have worn his PFD attitude." He would still be dead from being run over. This isn't some minor accident caused by the kayaker not wearing his PFD. Focus on the the cause! Now I know why some people choose trial by judge rather than jury.
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